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Northern Palm Beaches
1541 Prosperity Farms Road
Lake Park, Florida 33403

Northern Palm Beaches
1541 Prosperity Farms Road
Lake Park, Florida 33403

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Dear Dr. Usry:

I am writing you to thank you for the help you’ve given me to recover from a pinched nerve and an arthritic condition.  I had gone to several doctors and had no relief.  It was necessary for me to use a walker to get around.  After a series of treatments from you, I was able to get along with a cane.  Now I’m walking without aid and have driven my car for the first time in three months.  My wife also joins me in thanking you.

Albert C.

Dear Dr. Usry:

I want to thank you so much for the help you’ve given my son.  Brian is 16 years old and has suffered with ADHD for years.  He has been on Ritalin since he was seven years old.  Even with the medication, his activity level and his antics were very difficult for our family to deal with.  When Brian turned 15, he also started developing severe acne.  I read about your treatments for acne in the newspaper and decided to visit you.  Low and behold, I had no idea that a chiropractor could do anything for ADHD, but by using the eye lights, laser, proper nutrition, and treating my son for allergies, you have done a miracle.  He no longer seems to suffer with the ADHD.  He no longer takes medication and his acne has cleared up in only eight weeks.  I am amazed at what your techniques have done!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lisa B.

Outstanding Results

It is amazing to throw away blood pressure medicine that i had been taking for years and with in 6 weeks of nutritional supplements my blood pressure has been maintained in the normal range for over 1 yaer. Dr. Usry has done great work on my daughter who is in cross fit competition. In addition he has been able to make major improvement in my grand childrens development through nutrition as well as adjustments. I would recommend giving Dr. Usry the opportunity to evaluate your over all health and i am sure you would be pleasantly surprised how good you can feel.

Randy G.

Our whole family loves Dr. Usry!!!

Dr. Usry is one of the most knowledgable people I know, and especially so in the health care field. He is very generous with his time & talent, and is happy to educate the patient in the process. Our family has been going to him for over 2 decades! Our youngest has special needs and he is very patient & caring with her. He has helped our family with a WIDE range of issues over the years, some more serious than others, and I can’t fathom what the outcomes might have been without his help. I personally was able to avoid surgery because a neurosurgeon encouraged me to continue my treatment with Dr. Usry. And to top it all off, he can be very funny & a lot of fun to be around, especially when you’re not feeling so great yourself. A merry heart does good like medicine:)

Patti P.

Great Insight into a variety of issues

Has a wealth of knowledge in treating a variety of issues. He has treated myself and my family for the last 3 years. During this time he has helped to bring about healing to our bodies for multiple issues. Have often found him and his methodology more helpful than traditional medicine.

Norman M.

Gifted Hands Gifted Practice

Dr Usry is a gifted Kinesiologist. I have visited other

Kinesiologist, and first they are lacking in passion, and overall knowledge in the practice. Do not take my word for it, try another Kinesiologist – I gaurantee you will be back to see Dr Usry – he gets results. Ask him about his Kinesiology Mentor.

T G.

My Experience

Dr. Usry has been a excellent doctor to me. Anything I have a problem with or any concerns I am very comfortable enough to ask him what to do next. I take his opinions and expertise very seriously. During my pregenancy I had a risk issue with both of my arms and Dr Usry has taken good care of it. The right training, excerise supplements and my part when I get home has worked wonders. In my opinion he has heart that shows his concerns and I appreciate him.

Danielle W.

Greatful patient

Dr. Usry has been my dr. and my 2 minor children dr. for over 12 years. He had help us with all types of issues like: scoliosis, allergies, physicals ,sport injuries, recovering from car accident and surjery, over all wellness, etc. at the present Dr. Usry is treating me to balance my hormones. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends and co-workers because like me, they will get the best treatment for their condition, they will get over view of their general health and also they will be treated with love and respect!

Margarita R.