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All American Wellness Center in Lake Park Florida offers auriculo therapy, a kind of acupuncture therapy that stimulates the surface of the ear. Through this technique, we can treat our patient and help improve their physical, mental or emotional health. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

Ear acupuncture or Auriculo Therapy is a diagnostic technique and neurologic treatment, developed in the 1950s by noted neurologist, Dr.Nojes, of Lyons France.

Taught in medical schools around the country, this technique allows for the diagnosis and treatment of over 350 different conditions affecting your health. Using a small hand held device, the device gently resets and rebalances critical nerve pathways from your ears to your brain, improving neurological function and establishing optimum health and function.

This device has been used for the treatment of addictions and compulsive behaviors (smoking ,drugs, overeating, at risk behaviors). If you or a loved one is having an issue with unwanted habits, chronic pain, mood swings or fatigue, I invite you to our center for a free evaluation today. Give us a call and get back on the road to optimal function and total health.

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