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Many people have had allergies since they were young or have developed them over time. Your allergies are not necessarily something you have to live with. Using our methods, we can determine the root of the allergy or sensitivity and take measures to help you overcome it.

Techniques A.S.E.R.T.

Our advanced technique of A.S.E.R.T. allergy sensitivity elimination and reprogramming technique, targets the origin of the allergy process. Using specialized neurologic technique, we reprogram the central nervous system, which in turn, reduces the overstimulation of the immune system rebalancing it and eliminating the allergy response. This reprogramming allows you to return to normal function and optimized health and wellness.

Our methods have been very effective for a variety of patients and are completely natural.

You don’t need to spend your whole life depending on a medication to reduce your allergies or avoid certain foods – it could just be a matter of working with your body’s physiological programming to train your body to respond differently to substances that cause negative effects.

With over five-hundred supplements available, our clinic can offer you a combination of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are optimal for your body’s chemistry. Each of more than 3,800 raw materials used in these formulations undergo regular and random lab analysis to ensure purity and potency. Unlike the typical commercially available products, these supplements are formulated to guarantee results.

In conjunction with the Six Steps to Wellness, taking supplements will contribute to providing you with exceptional health.

All American Wellness Center
All American Wellness Center
All American Wellness Center
All American Wellness Center
All American Wellness Center
All American Wellness Center