Lifestyle and Wellness Tips

1. Decide. Make the decision that you are willingly choosing to invest in yourself, because it is in your best interest to do so, and also because it is in the best interest of everyone you know for you to be at your best.

2. Understand. Understand what wellness is and what it looks and feels like. Be a student of being well. Continue reading and learning as much as you can about how the choices you make and the things you think affect your well-being. Be mindful that wellness is a process or a journey, not an event or destination.

3. Know Your Body. Reveal the mystery of sickness and health by knowing the parts of your body, what they are supposed to do for you and what happens when your body isn’t working properly. You are genetically preprogrammed to self-heal and to thrive. Gain the self-confidence to know that healing is an inside job.

4. Get Aligned. The best-kept secret in wellness is the importance of keeping your main frame in alignment. Your skeleton is made up of your spine and extremities, which all have joints which attach bones together and allow for proper movement. When those joints get subluxated or fixated it has devastating effects on your structural and neurological health.

5. Move It. Exercise is one of the best prescriptions to stay healthy and well. Your body requires motion, resistance, stretching and oxygen to stay strong and flexible. Invest in your future by keeping fit.

6. Eat Well. The foods you consume are filled with chemicals that either help or hurt you. Look through your refrigerator and cabinets and start looking at what is in the foods you are putting into your body. Food is supposed to be the nourishment and fuel to keep you going and the building blocks to support growth of new and health cells. Take a daily supplement for overall health and wellbeing.

7. Relax & Breathe. Everyone needs time to let the body and mind rest and rejuvenate. Whether you like to meditate, pray, listen to nature or inspiring music, shut down and open up.

8. Build Your Wellness Team. Put together your all-star roster of superstar wellness providers with whom you are excited to work. Being excited and inspired by a team of experts will keep you safe and keep you engaged in bringing out your best.

9. Create Your Routine. For wellness to work in the long run it has to become routine. You want to schedule your needs first so that you know you are taking care of what’s most important: You. Take the time to figure out how you can make wellness fit into your lifestyle. If you don’t schedule it, it will likely not happen. Life gets busy very quickly and soon everyone else’s needs are more important than your own. Make sure you know that you are making the time to exercise, eat well, relax and see your wellness team on a routine basis.

10. Enjoy It. Discovering wellness may seem like a lot of work to do, but not doing so isn’t an option for people who want to reduce their risk of health problems and increase their chances for success. The fact is, though, that you receive the most benefit from being perfectly healthy and achieving success when you can enjoy it.

Use these lifestyle and wellness tips to create the richness you deserve in your life.