Most first-time moms know that frequent lifting, carrying, and rocking their babies and toddlers will result in an ailment. These ailments are known as repetitive stress injuries. The repetitive motions of parenting paired with poor posture can lead to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, and wrist pain. However, these ailments can be avoided simply by being mindful of the body when performing everyday parenting tasks. Here are our posture tips for new moms to prevent injuries.

Getting the Baby Out of the Crib

Do not reach down into the crib and pick your child up with extended arms when reaching into the crib. Holding your baby at arm’s length puts a great deal of strain on your back. As an alternative, lower the crib railing to its lowest position, with your feet shoulder-width apart, bring your baby close to your body, keep your back arched and lift with your legs.

Picking Your Child Off the Floor

Picking your child up off the floor while exhibiting poor posture can strain your back and neck. Instead, try using the half-kneel lift technique for proper posture. You can perform this technique by keeping your back straight as you step forward with one foot and bend to one knee. Next, pick your child up, bring them close to your body with both arms, and lift them with your legs. You can reverse this technique when placing your child back on the ground.

Toting Your Toddler

Most moms’ go-to holding position holds their child with one arm while balanced on the hip. Unfortunately, a position like this can strain your back and ligaments on the side of your body you carry them on. Instead, consider holding your child close to your chest and balancing them in the center of your body.

Transporting the Car Seat/Carrier

You should never carry the car seat on your forearm or carry it on one side of your body like a purse or handbag. This places a lot of stress on your back, shoulders, and arm. You can avoid this by holding the seat with both of your hands while keeping your elbows bent. This will enable you to hold the carrier in front of your body to keep the weight evenly distributed.

Visit Your Local Lake Park, Florida Chiropractor

Our posture tips for new moms are meant to help you prevent injuries. However, All American Wellness can help if you are a new mom and are already experiencing pain from repetitive stress injuries. We provide our patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes chiropractic adjustments and additional therapies such as massage therapy. Click here to set up an appointment to start living pain-free.