All American Wellness Center: Riviera Beach Chiropractor

Dr. Kevin McFarlin Usry D.C. is a practicing chiropractor near Riviera Beach with over 30 years of experience helping patients find relief from back pain, neck pain, and nerve damage. Dr. Usry is a Riviera Beach chiropractor with one goal in mind, changing lives.

Back and neck pain does not manifest the same way in everyone but every patient, old and young, unhealthy and seemingly healthy, is susceptible to the life changing effects of that pain. But pain is treatable and we can help. Dr. Usry is unlike any other Riviera Beach chiropractor in that he believes in studying the latest in chiropractic medicine.

All American Wellness Center is at the forefront of the latest chiropractic innovations and technology. As one of the leading Riviera Beach chiropractors, our patients benefit from the latest research in applied kinesiology, spinal decompression and all-inclusive wellness programs.

Every patient we meet receives a free chiropractic consultation over the phone with Dr. Usry. On your first visit, you will receive a free 15-minute evaluation. Our wellness programs include a variety of chiropractic treatment options some of which we will recommend based on your current needs. We believe in treating the cause and symptoms of pain and with the right approach, it’s possible.

Our staff communicates with patients in a way that’s easily to understand. Allow us to create a program that will tackle your pain head on.

All American Wellness Center provides chiropractic services for Riviera Beach residents at our conveniently located West Palm Beach location. Call us to make your first, free appointment and take your first step to a life without unnecessary pain.


We guarantee all patients who visit our Riviera Beach chiropractic offices: we will work hard and listen to your needs to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the chiropractic care we provide. You will live a happier, healthier life after you visit All American Wellness Center.